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A retreat really is a treat for mind, body and soul.  There are so many retreat offerings nowadays it can often be overwhelming deciding which to choose that fits your budget and your needs.  We at Fearless Hearts have all experienced the power and long lasting effects that spending a few days away from the daily rituals of life can bring.  Retreats can supercharge energy levels, get creative juices flowing and inspire you to continue your journey of self-care.  We hope you decide to retreat with us whether for a weekend or at one of our urban day retreats (coming soon).

11-14 October 2019 Buxton

Embrace a sense of quiet and ease as you leave the daily rituals behind and come together with other like minded women on a journey of the heart and inner empowerment.  We will connect over a long weekend to learn how to quieten the mind and drop into the heart and body.  You will be invited to shed layers of stress and years of limiting beliefs that leave you feeling disempowered and small.  Through Yoga, Qi Gong, sound healing, group work and one to one healings you will let go of old patterns and fears that stop you from embracing the day to day joys that life has to offer. 

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